My four months of unemployment begins!

For background, my last day of working as a judicial law clerk was on Friday, and I was supposed to begin as an associate attorney at a firm in Phoenix at the beginning of September.

I have to start out by saying that I am very lucky. I have the security of knowing that after these four months I will have a job at the same firm. They have been wonderful through all of this and they are just doing what they feel is best during a pandemic. I do not have to worry about being able to pay rent. And the people in my life have been supportive of me blogging full-time while on this little sabbatical.

All that being said, this was not something I planned. I am in a good place now, but I think the news that my start date would be pushed back 4 months sent me into a quarter-life crisis. I suddenly felt behind in everything. I felt like these 4 months of not working as an attorney would seriously impact my life, financially and professionally.

These worries transformed into a general feeling of discomfort. I find myself worrying even when there is nothing to worry about. The minute I take my mind off of something, I can’t help but worry. I am a Type A personality and get stressed easily (Enneagram 3 right here), but this feeling is new. Instead of intense stress, it’s more of a slow burn. Always there, and never-ending. I know that many people feel this way right now with everything going on in the world, and this does give me some comfort—knowing I am not the only one.

The greatest gift from all of this is the gift of time. I am excited that I now have the time I previously didn’t to dedicate to Uno Mas Paloma. Gregg and I also have some fun things planned over these next four months—our first stop being Las Vegas! If you are new here, you should know I love Las Vegas, and even have a restaurant and bar guide!

I hope to put more of myself into Uno Mas. And most of all, I hope to make the most of these four months, because once I start my new job in January, who knows when I will get another opportunity like this.

Thank you for being here and for your continued support.


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