It has almost been one year since Gregg and I got engaged. 2020 was the year we got engaged, 2021 was the year we bought a house, and 2022 will be the year we get married. In between all these exciting moments, there has been a lot going on! I have been attempting to write this blog post since June 1, but work, errands, travel, and self-care have taken priority.

Nonetheless, here we are, months later, and I am finally ready to get down all the details of May 8, 2021 (aka our engagement party).

Because of COVID, our engagement party was 8 months after our engagement—however, it was really OK because we still had 13 months from May to our wedding date. The beauty of a long engagement. We spent a lot of time planning our engagement party—wanting it to be fun and to reflect us! Here are the details:

The Food

An absolute must for any party is taquizas catering. Street tacos that are so fresh, cooked right in front of you, and delicious. I recommend this type of catering option because it is effortless and affordable. Plus, we always have leftovers.  We also splurged and got 100 oysters! We love the oysters from Buck &Rider, so we of course had to have them at our engagement party.

The Booze

A bartender + a Costco membership = affordable yet impressive bar set up! I have used the same bartending company a few times now and love how they operate. I always provide the alcohol and ice; the bartender just shows up an hour before the party to set up and serves the drinks. For this type of party, a bartender was a must so that Gregg and I didn’t have to run around getting everyone a drink. A complete lifesaver!

The Decorations

We wanted to incorporate a few special pieces into our new home and decided to rent from Wood n Crate Event Rentals. We rented Giant Jenga, two Barrell High Tops, and a Wooden Welcome Sign. We also bought flowers from Costco and placed them throughout our house.

The Special Guest

AKA a Beer Burro! Always a cute and fun addition—and photo opportunity!

The Dress

I knew I wanted to wear a white dress—and the minute I saw this dress from Fame & Partners, I went for it. Fame & Partners is great because you can customize each dress to ensure it is exactly what you want.

All that being said, the best part of the evening was celebrating with so many of our friends and family. Gregg’s family came from Ohio and he even had friends from out of town come to celebrate. It was so special! The oysters, street tacos, sweet speeches, and enough wine and scotch to last a lifetime—well, it is safe to say that I will be reliving this night until our wedding.

**Special shoutout to our photographer, Molly Thorne, who took all the beautiful photos in this blog post.

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