Another week, another Weekly Recap!

We moved! It was a busy Saturday and Sunday, but we managed to get everything set up and put away.

Me, exhausted after a LONG day of moving into the new apartment!

“Your sensitivity is not a sign of weakness. Your sensitivity makes you beautiful. It makes you different. It makes you unique. We live in a world where it’s easier to pretend that you don’t feel, and if you dare express that you feel, you become an easy target to be picked on and hurt. So, from a young age, you’re taught that strength means hiding how you feel, or not expressing your feelings at all. I want you to ask yourself, if you don’t feel, how can you truly love? If you don’t feel, how can you empathize with the tragedies happening in the world? If you are sensitive to being disrespected, it means that you will not disrespect others because you know how it feels to be disrespected. If you are sensitive to being ignored or lied to, you will not ignore or lie to others because you know how it feels to be ignored and lied to. Promise yourself from today to be at peace with your sensitivity. Instead of trying to hide it, cherish it.”

— Najwa Zebian

Raise your hand if you feel your emotions deeply—this was one of the statements I responded to while taking a free Enneagram Personality Test (my 8th favorite this week). I selected “strongly agree.”

For example:

  • On Saturday, I shed a few tears as Gregg and I stood in his old, now empty, apartment, saying our final goodbye. That apartment meant a lot to Gregg and to us—it was Gregg’s first apartment in Phoenix, it was where we spent many hours, and it was where our relationship grew.

  • And then, just a few hours later, there I was, shedding a few more tears in our new apartment, as I looked out the window at our beautiful new view. I can’t help it! But I wouldn’t have it any other way.

My whole life people have told me I am “sensitive.” I never took it as a compliment until a little over a year ago when I came across that quote above. Now I embrace it. I let myself shed a few tears with no regret when I hear a moving story, a thoughtful response to a question about the practice of law (yes, this happened recently), loving exchange between family members (Gregg hugging his grandma last week), and in the not so happy situations (when everything throughout the day just seems to go wrong—aka once a week).

That’s me, a big ball of mush. And I like it that way.

Now, on to this week’s favorites:

1. Pigtails Downtown

At Pigtails with the best neighbors!

This past week Pigtails Downtown opened off the corner of Washington and Central! Pigtails is a speakeasy-style craft cocktail bar that also has some food options. We went with some of our neighbors to check it out—living downtown we always get excited about new restaurants! Pigtails is a great place to grab a drink and relax after a long day! I can’t wait to go back.

2. These Movers

We hired movers to help us get the big pieces of furniture into our new apartment and it was the best idea ever. They were able to transfer everything in an hour (we were just moving apartments)! We used Best Move AZ and it was $95 for 2 hours! It was worth it!

3. Ford v Ferrari

Finally, Ford v Ferrari is available for rent on Amazon Prime Video. We have been waiting to watch this movie for a long time! I’d give it an 8/10.

4. Leggings From Costco

I buy most of my leggings from Costco because of the great price! This weekend Costco had tons of legging options. I bought two pairs of these Danskin leggings and one pair of these Adidas leggings.

5. This Article—5 Buttons You See Every Day That Actually Does Nothing

The judicial assistant I work with sent me this article because we always complain about how cold it is in our office! Apparently, office thermostats are just for show! But what she didn’t know is that I am the person that hits the elevator close door button and the crosswalk button multiple times! All for nothing! I am hoping the placebo effect will still work on me—which apparently it will.

6. This Mancini Manchester Collection Wallet

I bought Gregg this wallet for Valentine’s Day, but then it was back-ordered. So I tried to cancel the order, but then it was available for pick up. So, Gregg gets a new wallet. I was worried about the logo on the front—if you remember from my last Weekly Recap, I don’t really like logos. Fortunately, the logo ended up being subtler in person. I chose this wallet in the first place because it had 10 card slots, which was the most I could find on Macy’s website. It is a really nice wallet and a great gift!

7. This View

This is the view from our new apartment—the one that made me tear up!

8. This Enneagram Personality Test

I decided to take this Enneagram Personality Test on a whim. It is free, but the results you get are limited unless you pay a fee. I decided not to do that and just went with the free information available.

The Enneagram is a personality system that reveals how emotions drive our lives and how we engage with others in an effort to get what we want and need. The Enneagram defines 9 personality types, each with its own set of strengths, weaknesses, and opportunities for personal growth. Your Enneagram is supposed to reveal what motivates you.

This test shows you your percentage for each of the 9 types of the Enneagram with a brief description of each. If you are curious, take the test! It takes about 10 minutes and you may find it interesting!

9. My 5 Tips for Cheap Travel Post

Already counting down the days till my next trip! Check out my 5 Tips for Cheap Travel post to find out where I am going and for the 5 tips!

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